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  • Working with your estate agent

    Working with your estate agent

    Published on 30th June 2020

    It may sound strange but not many people know how to work with their estate agency in order to get the best from them, which isn't really surprising given that most people only deal with them a couple of times in their lives. It is our intention to help you do just that so that you get the maximum benefit. Your agent is there to act on your behalf so it is important that they know exactly what you…

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  • Businesses open again as Spanish government begins lifting restrictions

    Published on 8th May 2020

    The Spanish government has increased the state of alert until the 24th of May but  we are now in the process of easing the restrictions . As from Monday the 11th of May, we enter phase one of the easing process and small businesses are allowed to open which also means there will be a lift on people´s movement restrictions. More details will be released by the government over the next couple…

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  • Endesa give 15% discount for Covid-19

    Endesa give 15% discount for Covid-19

    Published on 2nd May 2020

    Great news from the electricity company Endesa. To help people who have been forced to stay in doors because of the Coronavirus, they are giving away a 15% discount for the months of April and May 2020 Full instructions in English are on their website. If you are not registered with them, you simply register online then follow the instructions on the link below to apply for your 15% discount. It's…

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  • Covid-19 update - Effective from 02/05/2020

    Covid-19 update - Effective from 02/05/2020

    Published on 1st May 2020

    Covid 19 Update – Effective from 02/05/2020 Due to the positive results of people overcoming the virus and much less people getting infected, the Spanish government has announced a plan for scaling down the lockdown. It will be spread over eight weeks in total and divided into four phases of two weeks each. This can of course be modified if the results get worse and infections increase again.…

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  • Covid 19 update for Tenerife

    Covid 19 update for Tenerife

    Published on 23rd April 2020

    You are probably sick of hearing about the coronavirus but we would like to keep you informed of some news regarding the current lockdown. It has just been announced by the Spanish government that the lockdown for the Corona Virus has been extended until the 9th of May 2020 . They also mentioned in congress that children under the age of 14 will be allowed out after the 27th April 2020 providing that…

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  • Information regarding the Coronavirus in Tenerife

    Information regarding the Coronavirus in Tenerife

    Published on 16th March 2020

    This important information has been posted by the Adeje Ayuntamiento (Townhall) so we have published here so that you fully understand what is happing in Tenerife regarding the coronavirus. Thank you to them for this very useful information. YOUR HELP IS ESSENTIAL. What you can and cannot do, following the Spanish Government’s declaration of a State of Emergency, given the health crisis caused…

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  • Your property abroad

    Your property abroad

    Published on 15th February 2020

    We are proud to announce that we have started to work in collaboration with a fantastic company called "Your Property Abroad" who are a really professional company as well as being really friendly and easy to work with. They provide a first class  personalised property finding service . They are advertising all of our properties on their website but don't just offer properties for sale in Tenerife...…

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  • Property Insurance

    Property Insurance

    Published on 9th February 2020

    If you own a property in Tenerife, you need to have the right insurance cover to protect you. Having the right insurance policy will help you sleep a lot better at night. Many people are not sure which type of insurance policy to take out, especially when their property forms part of an apartment complex . Some make the mistake of thinking that the community insurance covers their property in the…

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  • Santa Cruz Carnaval

    Santa Cruz Carnaval

    Published on 9th February 2020

    It is Carnaval time once again in Tenerife. For those of you that did not know, the Santa Cruz Carnaval is the second largest in the world after the carnaval in Rio de Janeiro . If you have never witnessed the colour and beauty of this amazing event, you should put it to your to-do list. It will amaze you. The Santa Cruz carnaval started on the 24th of January 2020 and will continue until the 1st…

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  • Share property information easily

    Share property information easily

    Published on 30th January 2020

    We are always trying to improve the way our website works so that people who are using it find it as user friendly as possible as well as being a useful tool for them. Many people commented that they would like to be able share our property information with their freinds or family, or simply share the property to a social media page like Facebook or Twitter . With this in mind, we spoke to our web…

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