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  • Expert Villas

    Expert Villas

    Published on 14th October 2020

    We are always looking at new ways of advertising our properties and are pleased to announce that we have started an advertising campaign on a new property portal called Expert Villas. We have found that they are very pro-active advertising company and are sure that we will be happy with their services. They advertise properties for sale in Spain and are no branching out to the main Canary Islands…

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  • Los Gigantes

    Los Gigantes

    Published on 10th October 2020

    The giant cliffs of Los Gigantes are a stunning sight and well worth taking a look at from one of the many places next to the village. Los Gigantes is a lovely, tranquil residential and holiday village on the south west coast of Tenerife. It has a many nice bars and restaurants as well as a sports harbour where you can take sight seeing boat trips to see the whales and dolphins. There is a website…

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  • Homesearch Overseas Website

    Homesearch Overseas Website

    Published on 6th October 2020

    We have recently started to advertise on a new property portal called  Homesearch Overseas in order to extent our reach for potential buyers. They are proving to be great people to work with, have a nice and easy portal as well as being very professional and proactive. If you are thinking of investing in an overseas property, their portal is the smart way to search for your dream home in the…

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  • Places of interest in Tenerife

    Places of interest in Tenerife

    Published on 21st September 2020

    We am sure that you have probably been to Tenerife many times before and know quite a bit about it, but we are still shocked at the amount of people who come over and sit by their sun beds all the time and never actually get to see much of this beautiful island. Having lived on the island for many years, we still appreciate what Tenerife has to offer. It has a vast array of interesting places to visit.…

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  • Property Insurance

    Property Insurance

    Published on 31st August 2020

    A subject that is extremely important but sometimes forgotten about is home insurance for your new property. I am sure that you take out insurance in your own country of residence and you should also do the same in Tenerife to protect you in the event of any problems. You never know when you will have a problem that requires insurance cover, so be sensible, check your details now and if you have not…

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  • Buying a property to rent out

    Buying a property to rent out

    Published on 16th August 2020

    Many people buy a property as an investment and get good returns by renting it out. This is one of the reasons that Tenerife is so popular is because of the fantastic climate. You will always have a good demand for your property providing that you do things right.  In some residential complexes, renting is not allowed, so please find out before you decide to buy. If you are intending to buy a…

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  • Make sure you have a good legal advisor

    Make sure you have a good legal advisor

    Published on 2nd August 2020

    If you are serious about buying a property in Tenerife you need to get a legal advisor to make sure that everything is done properly. For a relatively small fee, they will protect you from making potentially very expensive mistakes. Oddly enough this is something that many people shy away from and think that they can do it all alone but believe me, you need to appoint a legal adviser whenever you…

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  • Tax implications when buying a property abroad

    Tax implications when buying a property abroad

    Published on 19th July 2020

    You will probably be gathering more and more information as you prepare to buy a property in Tenerife. We always recommend that you speak to us before you make the plunge so that we can advise you properly. You may think that you don't have to worry about future taxes when buying a property but the fact is that if you plan properly before you buy it can save you a lot of many when you come to sell…

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  • Getting a mortgage to buy your property

    Getting a mortgage to buy your property

    Published on 9th July 2020

    When looking to invest in an overseas property you might want to consider looking at using other people’s money instead of your own. Many people pay cash when in fact they may be more beneficial borrowing it at a reduced rate and keeping hold of their own money which could well be put to better use and be making more money elsewhere. We are not financial advisers and cannot advise you what you…

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  • The costs of buying a property in Tenerife

    The costs of buying a property in Tenerife

    Published on 4th July 2020

    We are often asked about the costs involved in buying and selling a property and although this information changes on a regular basis depending on what the government decides, we want to give you a rough guide to help you with your financial calculations. The additional buying costs. It is common practice in Spain for the buyer to pay for all the costs involved in buying a property. This is true apart…

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