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If you own a property in Tenerife, it is important to have the right home security system installed to protect it 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, especially if you leave it empty for any length of time.

We can help you protect your home or business with the latest technology in security systems. You can personalise your alarm system to suit your personal requirements.

Our advanced alarms are permanently connected to a 24-hour vigilance call centre who speak Spanish and English, who will contact you in the event of an incident and will then notify the right emergency service whether it be the police, fire brigade or medical services.

Kit basico

Although you can personalise your alarm to your own requirements, the basic kit comprises of the following components to make sure you are properly protected.

  • Three motion sensors, two of which are cameras
  • The main alarm central unit
  • One remote-control unit
  • A keypad for entering your code
  • Connection to the call centre
  • A smartphone application
  • 24 hour surveillance

The basic kit installation costs just 49€ with monthly payments of 33€ per month thereafter. There is a minimum contract of 24 months but if you prefer not to be tied in to a minimum term you can purchase the alarm for just 499€ instead of the normal 49€ installation charge. The monthly payments remain the same but there is no minimum contact to adhere to.

All prices are subject to IGIC which is currently 7%


Burglar and Security Alarms
Burglar and Security Alarms
Protect your property and loved ones with a high technology burglar alarm. No matter if you leave your property empty or even if you want to sleep easy at night, our security alarms will keep you safe. In the event of an attempted break in, the alarm will sound and the camera movement sensors will start taking images of...
Smoke and Fire Alarms
Smoke and Fire Alarms
Stay protected from the dangers of smoke and fire with a high technology smoke and fire detector.As soon as smoke or fire is detected, you will be alerted immediately and the security system will alert the 24-hour call centre who will contact the fire department who will come and help you.Do not take the risk of not being...
Stay in control at all times
Stay in control at all times
With our high tech security alarm systems you are able to stay in complete control at all times by using the free mobile application. You can see what is happening in real time and monitor the video cameras, disable and able the alarm and therefore stay in control of your property. You can also see a log of all activity...
Protect your home from Squatters
Protect your home from Squatters
By installing a security system, you are protecting yourself from the possible risk of squatters moving into your property while you are not there. Unfortunately this can sometimes happen to properties that are left empty, and if it does, the squatters have the right to stay in your property until you legally have them...

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