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If you need a mortgage to buy your property there are a few ways we can help you with this.

First of all, we would recommend that you come to speak to us for a no obligations chat about your finances. Although we are not financial advisors, we will be able to talk to you to understand what your financial needs are so that we can then put you in contact with the right company to help you.

In general, if you are a non-resident looking to get an overseas mortgage in Tenerife, you may only get up to about 60% finance based on the lower value of the sales price or the valuation. For example, if you want to buy a property for 100,000€ and the valuation comes back at 95,000€ then you will only be offered finance based on the valuation of 95,000€. However, if the valuation on the same property comes back at 110,000€ you would be then offered finance on the sale price of 100,000€. If you are a resident, you may be eligible for up to 80% finance. In any case, this will always depend on your financial situation and what the finance company decides.

It may be better for you to apply for a mortgage in your own country at your current bank as they know you and will no doubt have your full financial details. This can sometimes be easier and a lot faster for you. You could be able to raise finance by releasing capital from your home so that you are in effect a cash buyer when you come to buy. These are only a few of the options you can use, but please do not take it as financial advice from us. You need to speak to a proper financial advisor or your bank for full information and possibilities.

If you live in the UK and would like to speak to a professional mortgage advisor who can advise you regarding the best way of raising finance to buy an overseas property, then contact us. We work with one of the best mortgage brokers out there, and we are sure they will be able to help you. It costs you nothing to chat with them, and you will soon feel at ease with their friendly approach. They have many ways of helping you raise the finance to buy your overseas dream home. 

In Tenerife we deal with two of the biggest banks in Spain which are the Banco Santander and the BBVA, they are both stable options for you to deal with. We can help you set up a meeting with their financial departments who will then clearly explain how they can help you. Alternatively, if you are looking to start your Tenerife real estate dream, please view our latest properties for sale in Tenerife >


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