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Protect your home from Squatters

Protect your home from Squatters

By installing a security system, you are protecting yourself from the possible risk of squatters moving into your property while you are not there.

Unfortunately this can sometimes happen to properties that are left empty, and if it does, the squatters have the right to stay in your property until you legally have them evicted which might take months. It might sound crazy, but you will still have to pay for all utilities while they are illegally staying in your property. This can be a very expensive nightmare for you, not to mention the added stress involved.

To explain things in simple terms, if a squatter breaks in your property and you have no alarm and they occupy your property for more than 48 hours, you cannot evict them, but, if you have an alarm fitted and someone tries to gain access to your property, the police are instantly notified and have to go to your property to see what is happening, it is then  considered as a break in and the culprits will be removed from your property and arrested.

If potential squatters are looking at gaining entry to a property, they will probably not choose a property that is fitted with a security alarm because they know the risks involved.

If you own a property and leave it empty, you should install a security system to protect it. The price you pay for the alarm is very small compared to the potential costs of having to evict squatters, not to mention all the damage they normally cause.

Stay safe and install a security alarm now. Contact us now for more information.


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