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Burglar and Security Alarms

Burglar and Security Alarms

Protect your property and loved ones with a high technology burglar alarm. No matter if you leave your property empty or even if you want to sleep easy at night, our security alarms will keep you safe.

In the event of an attempted break in, the alarm will sound and the camera movement sensors will start taking images of the affected area. Our 24-hour call centre will be notified straight away and they will contact you to see if everything is OK, they will then notify the correct emergency department whether that be the police, medical or fire department.

A burglar alarm is not only to protect you from robbery, it is also a fantastic deterrent for potential squatters who are looking for properties that are left empty for long periods of time. By law, if squatters break in, they can stay and it can take months to get them out, but if you have an alarm and they break in, the police are advised straight away and they are treated as burglars and are arrested straight away. Your property is properly protected with an alarm.

With prices starting from just 49€ installation and then monthly payments of 37€ it is a small price to pay to protect your property and loved ones.

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