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El Tanque - North Tenerife

Published on 19th October 2021

El Tanque is a small village in the north of Tenerife and is certainly worth visiting so that you can see what typical Canarian life is like. It is very laid back and you might get the feeling of going back in time about 30 years.

The trees in El Tanque

It is a residential village and has a lot of passing trade due to the fact that many locals who live in the north actually work in the south and have to pass by El Tanque to and from their way to and from work.

There are some lovely little bars and restaurants in this quaint village and be sure to take your Google Translator because not many people in this part of the island will speak your language but you will have no problem in communicating as they are really friendly people.

Tierra del Trigo mural

In and around this picturesque area there are many farms and private plot owners will be seen working on their plots of land growing home grown fruit and vegetables. 

If you are travelling from the north of Tenerife to the south, or visa versa, you will most likely pass through El Tanque because this is one of the places that there is no motorway yet. At the time of writing this, they are currently digging the tunnels that lead from Santiago del Teide through to Erjos and it is said that the new motorway link will come out and join up to the motorway round about in El Tanque village centre.

Pino de El Tanque

Nearby, you have many other beautiful country side villages such as Tierra del Trigo, Garachico, Buenavista and they are all worth paying a visit. You will truly witness typical Canarian culture and friendliness. 

If you get the chance to stop off in one of the many restaurants or guachinches, please do so. You will be amazed at the quality of the food and more so, by how cheap things are in this part of the island away from the typical touristic places.

Trees in El Tanque

This is a lovely view of the village of El Tanque from the vieing point near Tierra del Trigo. It is well worth stopping off there. There is even a nice restaurnat where you can stop for a drink or a bite to eat.

EL Tanque views

Read more about El Tanque by clicking here

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