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Mount Teide

Published on 4th October 2021

Mount Teide is a very well known volcano and is the highest point in Spain and rises 3,715 meters above sea level. It is truly an amazing place to visit while you on holiday in Tenerife. The rock formations there are very often related to the Moon or Mars and many films have been filmed up there.


Your experience will start with the drive up there, it is very often that you can experience all the four seasons on your trip up there. It can be nice and sunny on the coast, you can drive through thick fog and rain while passing through the beautiful pine forests and in the winter months, Teide can be full of snow, she please make sure that you are prepared and take plenty of clothes with you.

Teide rock formations

We are sure that you will not be able to see everything there is to see in just one day on Mount Teide. There are so many things to see there and the scenery changes as the sun passes over giving dramatic shadows, giving this majestic volcano so many ways to appreciate.

Teide rock formations

If you like hiking, there are many different hiking routes to discover and enjoy but please do your research so that you are prepared for the walks. Very often the terrain is difficult and because of the altitude, the breathing conditions can be somewhat tougher than down by the coast. You can read more about hiking in Tenerife by clicking here

El Teide Tenerife 

Whether you are just going for a day trip, taking the cable car to the peak or going hiking, remember to take your camera to capture the beautiful sights and rock formations. If you are lucky enough to be in Tenerife, you should be able to see the rare Tajinaste plants in flower.

 Mount Teide The hghest point in Spain

For the star gazers, Mount Teide is a must to go in the evening. You can even arrange to stay over night in the Parador hotel but you will have to book in advance as it gets very busy. It can get very cold in the evenings with temperatures dropping below zero, so be prepared and go well equipped.

What ever your reason for visiting Teide, we are sure that you will love it and hopefully want to return many times to see its true glory.

Teide rock formations

More information and links below.

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