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Published on 25th October 2019

We understand that some people find it difficult to navigate a property website when there are so many properties to choose from, and as we are constantly looking for ways to help make things easier for people who use our website, we came up with a simple concept that people use every day.

When people go to the supermarket, they simply look round the shop and add the products they like to their shopping basket. If they decide that they dont want the product, they just take it out of the shopping basket and put it back on the shelf… Great Idea we thought… Why don’t we do the same with the properties that are displayed on our website?

With over a hundred properties to choose from, we understand that you may see something that you like and then carry on looking, and then forget which property it was. So, we have created the “Property Shortlist” which works the same way as a shopping basket. 

When you see a property you like, simply click the button ”+ Add to Shortlist” and it will be added to your shortlist of properties.

You can keep adding your favourite properties to this shortlist and go back to see them at any time by clicking on the button “Property Shortlist” which is situated on the top menu bar. This makes it a lot easier for you to search and save properties and stops you from losing the ones that you like.

You can remove any properties from this list at any time by clicking on the button ”- Remove from Shortlist”

We hope that you like this feature and that it helps make life a bit easier for you while searching to buy a property in Tenerife.

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